Things to Do in Dandeli, Karnataka

The Kali River is a popular site for white water rafting in Dandeli. The gushing rapids are an adrenaline pumping experience for adventure enthusiasts. You can take this thrilling activity along with experienced guides and enjoy the impulsive waters.

Take a boat ride on the Kali River near Supa Dam and spot marsh crocodiles basking in the sun. This spot is a treat for nature lovers and wildlife photographers.

Supa Dam

Supa Dam is one of the most popular places to visit in Dandeli Karnataka. The dam is a perfect destination for water sports enthusiasts, as it offers several options for kayaking and other aquatic activities. You can also spend time relaxing along the banks of the dam or go for a short trek through the surrounding forests. However, it is recommended to carry a backpack and some quick bites as you won’t find many places to eat near the Supa Dam.

Located at an elevation of about 200 metres from sea level, the dam provides breathtaking views of the surrounding forest and its waterfalls. The dam is one of the top-rated places for picnickers in Karnataka, as it offers a variety of activities and amenities that are bound to entertain the whole family. It is also home to a number of animals, including black panthers and monkeys. Moreover, you can also see various bird species such as yellow-footed pigeons and ashy swallow shrike here.

The dam is also known as a birding spot and is frequented by tourists from all over the country. The water of the dam is clear and fresh, making it ideal for swimming and boating.

Kayaking is a great way to explore the waters of the Supa Dam, as it allows you to travel at a faster pace. The gushing waters of the Kali River are a great place to test your skills and enjoy the thrill of this water sport.

You can also take a coracle ride in the river Kali, which is an exciting activity that involves floating on small boats that are built from split and interwoven rods of willows or other material and tied with bark. The experience of taking a coracle ride in the gushing river is not only thrilling but also gives you a life-time memory to cherish.

The best thing to do in the Supa Dam is to take a boat ride through the Kali River and observe the crocodiles in their natural habitat. This will give you an opportunity to watch the animals in their natural environment and capture memorable photographs.

Shivaji Fort

The enchanting town of Dandeli is home to a number of awe-inspiring places that must be included on every nature lover’s bucket list. A trip to this beautiful place is a perfect opportunity for you to escape from the hectic urban lifestyle and indulge in the serene beauty of nature. Located in the Western Ghats, this wonderful town offers a lot of things to do for tourists, including river rafting, trekking, camping, kayaking, canoeing and more. So, if you are planning a holiday with friends and family, then make sure to add Dandeli to your itinerary.

One of the most popular activities in Dandeli, white water rafting is an exhilarating experience that allows you to explore the rugged terrains and the scenic beauty of the region. This activity is suitable for both first-timers and professional rafters. The gushing waters of the Kali River are a treat to your eyes and will offer you an experience that you won’t forget for a long time.

Another thrilling activity that you must try while in Dandeli is the jungle safari. This wildlife tour lets you enjoy the natural beauty of the region with the help of an experienced guide. You can spot a wide variety of animals like black panthers, monkeys, and elephants. The safari will give you a chance to connect with nature and click some unforgettable photos.

The Kavala Caves, situated in the vicinity of the Anshi National Park, are one of the most surreal natural formations. These limestone caves are visited by pilgrims and tourists from across the country. The caves are adorned with some amazing stalagmite formations. The temple that stands at the entrance of these caves is also worth a visit. A perfect place for mountain climbers, the Kavala Caves are among the most popular tourist spots in Dandeli.


Kayaking is one of the best adventure activities in Dandeli. It is an exciting water sport that offers you a thrilling experience as you paddle through the gushing river waters surrounded by dense forests. Kayaking in Dandeli is a once-in-a-lifetime activity that you must not miss out on your trip to this beautiful town.

A kayak is a small boat that is powered by double-bladed paddles. It is a safe activity for tourists who love to explore the pristine natural beauty of this region. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced kayaker, you’ll enjoy this activity as it provides a safe and scenic journey along the Kali River.

Besides offering you an adrenaline rush, this activity also helps you improve your balance and strength. The best time to go kayaking in Dandeli is between October and March, when the weather is pleasant and the places are less crowded.

The mighty River Kali in Dandeli is a hot spot for adventurers who are looking to experience some thrill. The water sport of river crossing is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that will let you feel the ferocity of the water and its mind-boggling power. During this activity, you will be fastened to a safety harness that is tied to a rope at a height above the rushing water. It is advisable that you listen to the instructions of your guides before proceeding.

Apart from the euphoric feeling that you get after completing this activity, it will help you connect with nature in a more serene and peaceful manner. The river’s secluded surroundings and serene landscape will let you forget all your worries and immerse yourself in the tranquility of nature.

The rich and bio-diverse forests of Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary are a home to a wide variety of wild animals including tigers, leopards, black panthers, elephants, deer, and antelopes. In addition, the thriving ecosystem of this sanctuary is also a hub for birdwatchers. The town has a diverse array of birds and you can find many rare species that will take your breath away. So, don’t forget to carry your camera with you to capture some amazing pictures.

Coracle Ride

The gushing Kali River runs through Dandeli, making it a water sports hub that offers an array of thrilling activities. For those who prefer a more relaxed adventure, there’s also kayaking in the serene waters. During this activity, you’ll explore the pristine riverbanks and spot a variety of birds and aquatic life.

Another water activity that you can try is coracle ride. Coracles are small, lightweight boats that were once used for river navigation. They have a level base that spreads the weight evenly and can accommodate up to four people, including the captain-cum-guide. This activity is perfect for beginners who want to experience a thrilling riverside excursion in Dandeli.

If you’re looking for a more challenging adventure, you can always opt for rock climbing. The town of Dandeli is dotted with natural rock formations that are ideal for this sport. With the guidance of a professional instructor, you can scale these structures and admire the beautiful scenery around you.

A short drive from Dandeli is Syntheri rock, a monolithic structure that has been formed by the river over centuries. This place is a birdwatcher’s paradise and offers an opportunity to observe hornbills, kingfishers, and other exotic species in their natural habitat.

Besides water-based adventures, the town of Dandeli is home to a diverse wildlife that makes it an interesting destination for trekking and camping. There are a number of campsites in and around the town that offer various amenities to guests, including a kitchen, tents, and bedding. Some even have bonfires, which are a popular way to end the day in the camp and share never-forgotten happy memories with your friends and family.

White water rafting on the Kali River is one of the most exciting things to do in Dandeli. The mighty river’s gushing rapids offer an adrenaline rush that’s sure to get your heart racing. Moreover, the presence of experienced guides makes this activity safe for first-timers and veterans alike.

Visiting the places to see in Dandeli is an exciting experience that allows you to enjoy its rich culture and breathtaking natural beauty. The swaying palm trees, lush green forests, and pristine rivers add to the appeal of this place. Once you’ve finished exploring these attractions, head to a pub or restaurant with a lively ambience and great service.

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